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Command Staff!

Last Update: 27 June 2017

This page lists the current leaders of Obsidian Fleet itself and its various departments and groups of sims (known as Task Forces), and describes what each is responsible for.

Note: Gold denotes a Fleet Council member.  Silver denotes additional fleet staff members.

To contact the Joint Fleet Command, the members of the Fleet Council, or the Fleet Webmaster, please click on the envelope to the right of the relevant person's name.

Joint Fleet Command
The Joint Fleet Command are the three-member team who provide general leadership to the Fleet. They are members of the Fleet Council (the Fleet's leadership body) along with the Task Force Commanding Officers and the leaders of the Fleet Support Services departments.
Joint Fleet Command Admiral Admiral Delta Lindsay
Joint Fleet Command Admiral Admiral Nathan Hawke
Joint Fleet Command Admiral Admiral Myrkul Sharr
Fleet Operations Department
The Task Forces, which together make up Fleet Operations, are the groups of simulations that make up Obsidian Fleet. To provide support and community, they are organised into first Task Groups, then Task Forces, each with its own leader. There is also a separate Task Force called Independent Fleet Operations which is used for speciality sims and sims commanded by members of the Joint Fleet Command.
Independent Fleet Operations (TF1) Commanding Officer Admiral Joint Fleet Command  
Task Force 47 Commanding Officer Major General Major General Iain MacTaryn
  Task Group 47-A Commanding Officer Commodore Commodore Oliver Lancaster
  Task Group 47-B Commanding Officer Captain Captain Brett Watson
  Task Group 47-C Commanding Officer Blank Rank Insignia Pending
  Task Group 47-D Commanding Officer Blank Rank Insignia Pending
Task Force 72 Commanding Officer Rear-Admiral Rear-Admiral James Hurin
  Task Group 72-A Commanding Officer
Commodore Alenis Meru
  Task Group 72-B Commanding Officer Captain Captain Cornelius Harrington
  Task Group 72-C Commanding Officer Commodore Commodore Jacinto Eriksen
  Task Group 72-D Commanding Officer Captain Captain Soraya Rezvani
Fleet Support Staff
The Fleet Support Staff run various departments that support players in many ways. The Obsidian Fleet Academy helps those new to the Fleet or to certain roles, such as new Commanding Officers, to learn about how best to play. Fleet Services manages the distribution of awards, distributes applications to sims in need of new players, and manages advertisement and recruiting. The Office of Mediation and Arbitration helps to resolve conflicts and disputes. The Development and Innovation team develops new sims and concepts to deploy in the Fleet. Finally, the Fleet Webmaster and Data Controller is the legal server owner and the ultimate authority with respect to Obsidian Fleet's data, servers and other technical aspects.
Director of the Fleet Academy Rear-Admiral Rear-Admiral T`Shi
  Deputy Director of the Fleet Academy Commodore Commodore Julius Cetera
Director of Fleet Services Rear-Admiral Rear-Admiral Berel Joon
  Deputy Director of Fleet Services Blank Rank Insignia Pending
Director of Mediation and Arbitration Rear-Admiral Rear-Admiral Viran
  Deputy Director of Mediation and Arbitration Commodore Commodore Lane J. Gravis
Director of Development and Innovation Rear-Admiral Rear-Admiral Samuel Bishop
Fleet Webmaster and Data Controller Admiral Admiral Myrkul Sharr

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October 22, 2017
Stardate 71808.9



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