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Obsidian Fleet Resources and Links

General Resources
Obsidian Fleet Awards
Listing of all Obsidian Fleet awards and recipients.

Obsidian Fleet Age Ratings
Official Age Rating banners for IFS and websites

Obsidian Fleet UoM Templates
Official Unit of Merit templates
The Obsidian Fleet Logos Page
This page is *very* graphic intensive.
Rank Sets of all types, genres and styles.
Obsidian Fleet Banner Exchange
A place to advertise your SIM.
Obsidian Fleet on Social Media
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Star Trek Image Sites
Scifi-Meshes.com Sci-Fi Art
3D Gladiators GK Design
Desktop Starships Mark Kingsnorth Sci Fi Art
The Light Works
Star Trek Information Archives
Obsidian Fleet Database Memory Alpha
Daystrom Institute Official Star Trek Website
Ex Astris Scientia
Web Tools and Services
Utopia Host - Free Simulation Hosting
Starfleet UK - Free Sim Hosting RPG Resource - Free Sim Hosting
Nova/SMS - Integrated website and posting system Bravenet - Various Website Tools
PhpBB - PBB Forums GoDaddy - Domain Name Registry
HostDime - Paid Webspace Provider Brinkster - Free and Cheap Webhosting
Angelfire Lycos - Free, Ad-supported Webhosting Tripod - Free, Ad-supported Webhosting
Flaming Text - Graphics and Animations Java File - Free JAVA Scripts
Response-o-matic - Form Creator Simple Machines Forum - SMF
Yahoo! Groups - PBeM Mailing Lists
Allied Fleets

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