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Player Application | CO Application | Ship Application

Ship Application Form

Although Obsidian Fleet respects the right of a Commanding Officer to control events in his/her sim as they wish, some standards are expected to be uniform across the entire Fleet. To that end, before accepting a ship into Obsidian Fleet, the Senior Staff will require it to comply with Obsidian Fleet's rank structure, timeline, technology, rules and regulations. For further information regarding your application and any problems you may foresee, please contact the Joint Fleet Command

Please also note that simms with no crew displayed on their crew manifest, or without a partly-functioning website (i.e. at least consisting of an introduction page and crew manifest) may be automatically rejected, or subject to delay. Again, email Joint Fleet Command if you forsee any problems with your app.

The Ship Application is intended for established ships who wish to enter Obsidian Fleet. To this end, ships applying to Obsidian Fleet should have been actively posting with at least 6 crew members, for at least 6 months prior to the date of application. This should, however, be viewed as a guideline, and the required time period may be shortened if the Fleet Senior Staff feel that it is warrented (in very rare cases).

Player Information
  Your Real Name:    
  Your Real Age:    
  Email Address:    
Contact Information (fill in all that apply)
  AIM ID:    
  Skype ID:    
  Yahoo! Messenger ID:    
Player Experience (please be specific)
  List all Obisidian Fleet simms you have been a member of:    
  How long have you been in Obsidian Fleet:    
  List all other simulation groups (including groups names, ships, etc):    
  How long have you been simming:    
  Do you agree to adhere to all of Obsidian Fleet's Rules & Policies       Yes
For a full list of rules please see the Fleet Rules page.  
Ship Information
  Ship Name    
  Ship Class:    
  Sim Website    
  Length of time active    
  Please state your Reasons for wanting to join Obsidian Fleet.    
Character Information
  Character's Name:    
  Character's Race:    
  Character's Gender:    
  Character Bio:
Please make this as detailed as you can. The better it is, the more likely you are to succeed in your application
Instructions: Please answer the following questions honestly and completely. Take time to consider your answers. The answers are mostly subjective, therefore there are no "left" or "wrong" replies. Your answers will be judged by the Task Force Commanding Officer (TFCO) the ship you are applying for is in. If, after review, he feels that you are not qualified, they may suggest you take a position as ship Executive Officer (XO), Department Head, or Command Intern for further training before you attend Command Class. If they find you are ready for command he will assign you to a ship and you'll be entered into Command Class. Every opportunity for success is afforded the candidate.

  1) What do you think are the duties of a ship's Commanding Officer, both in-character and out-of-character?    
  2) What role do you think XOs and department heads should play in helping run the ship / simm?    
  3) How do you plan to recruit?    
  4) Posting has dropped to an all-time low, there are only 1 or 2 posts a week. What will you do to motive your crew into posting again?    
  5) A crewmember has come to you, complaining about someone else and accusing them of being control-freaks. How do you handle it?    
  6) You disagree with a decision made by the Admiralty and other CO's of the fleet. What do you do?    
Sample Post (please reply to the situation below)
  You are in the lounge when suddenly the ship shakes violently and the lights go out. A few seconds later, the emergency lights come on. A few crewmen try the door, but it doesn't work -- it seems like power is out throughout the whole ship.    
Other Comments
  If you have any extra comments, including any extenuating circumstances, please enter them here.    
  How did you Hear About Obsidian Fleet?:

Note: Submitting an application does NOT mean automatic entry into the Fleet!
The Admiralty will review the application and email you our decision.

By clicking Submit Application and ticking "Yes" above you acknowledge that you and your crew will adhere to the rules that govern Obsidian Fleet and her simulations and strive to be a role model for other members.

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August 21, 2017
Stardate 71638.5



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