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Did you know...? Obsidian Fleet accepts established sims that wish to join the Fleet!
For more information, check out our Sim Transfer Application

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Player Application Form

· Cannot make up your mind? No problem! Select "Any" and our friendly Office of Personnel Management will assign you!

· Use the OF Database to look up your role, department or further specifications on your desired simulation

· Take time on your application, know your character and put all that in your application

· Join the forum and get involved with the wider community to expand your horizons!

· Remember the golden rule, have fun!

· Back up your application before submitting, Fluffy may be hungry and lurking...

Player Information
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Instant Messengers:
Please place all instant messenger contacts you wish to disclose in this box.
Please be sure to identify which program to which each contact belongs
By submitting your application
you agree to all Obsidian Fleet Rules and Guidelines including, but not limited to,
Player Rules and Policies

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For a full list of rules please see the Fleet Rules page.  

Role Playing Experience:

Please list previous RPG (and similar) experience.
Include the organisation and when you served there for each entry.
No experience? No problem!
Experience is not required to join and enjoy Obsidian Fleet, our Academy offers a range of courses to get you started, want to know more visit the Academy website or speak to your new Commanding Officer.  

Simm Information

· Any/Any applications will be assigned by the Office of Personnel Management within 7 days of submission.
First Choice Simm:

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RPG Format:


First Choice Position:

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If other:

Second Choice Position:

If other:

Officer or Enlisted:

What's this mean? Which one is appropriate?
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This is used if your first choice ship or position is unavailble.

Character Information

Character's Name:
Character's Race:
Character's Gender:
Character Appearance:
Character Personality:
Character Background:

The more information you include in this section the higher the chance of your application being accepted. Get to feel your character and make them seem like a real person. What makes them who they are, what have they loved and lost?
Sample Post
You are in the lounge talking to a few of your friends. One of them brings up the subject of why he entered Starfleet. Before he's even finished, it's obvious that everyone wants to tell their own story and share their feelings about Starfleet, military service and life in general. The question eventually makes itself to you.


You are asleep in your quarters when suddenly the ship shakes violently and you are knocked out of your bed.


Please reply to the situation with you in the same position as your first desired position.


How did you Hear About Obsidian Fleet?:
Please select one and elaborate.


By clicking Submit Application and ticking I Agree above you acknowledge that you will adhere to the rules that govern Obsidian Fleet and her simulations.

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August 21, 2017
Stardate 71638.5



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